Complex Spine Surgery

Preparing for Surgery & Procedure

If you are a candidate for surgery and we have agreed on a surgical plan and date, you will need to follow the instructions listed below. Dr. Marco performs surgery at the following hospitals. He will advise which hospital you will go to based on your insurance and the procedure you will have done.

Memorial Hermann Hospital/Children’s Memorial Hermann

6411 Fannin Street

Houston, TX 77030

Main# +1(713) 704 4000

Anesthesia Clinic: +1(713) 704 3724

Houston Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital

(formerly Foundation Surgical Hospital)

5410 West Loop South

Bellaire, Texas 77401

Main# +1(713) 314 4444

Pre-Admissions: +1(713) 314 4226

Anesthesia Clinic: +1(713) 314 4585

Texas Children’s Hospital

6621 Fannin Street

Houston, TX 77030

Main# +1(832) 824 1000

Pre-Admit Testing: +1(832) 824 5800


Dunn Operating Room

6565 Fannin

Houston, TX 77030

Main# +1(713) 790 3311

Pre-Admissions: +1(713) 394 6805

Anesthesia Clinic: +1(713) 441 5035


OPC (Outpatient Center)

6445 Main Street

Houston, TX 77030

Main# +1(713) 790 3311

Pre-Admissions: +1(713) 394 6805

Anesthesia Clinic: +1(713) 441 5035

Follow these instructions after we have agreed on a surgical plan and give you a surgery date:

1. In order to ensure that all the admission procedures and laboratory studies are completed, it will be necessary for you to visit the hospital’s Anesthesia Clinic prior to your surgery (preferably 7 to 14 days prior) to pre-register and complete your lab work. You must call the number listed above to set up this appointment. Be sure to bring a list of all your medications and dosages, major medical conditions, and the names and telephone numbers of all your treating physicians with you. We will fax the surgical orders directly to them before your visit.

2. If you have X-ray, CT, or MRI films in your possession, please be sure to deliver them to Dr. Marco’s office 1 week prior to your surgery. Disregard this request if you left them with us at your office visit or if you had the studies at a Memorial Hermann facility.

3. Pain medication, such as Tylenol and hydrocodone, may be taken up to the evening before surgery, as long as they are not in the aspirin or anti-inflammatory family. Stop taking the following medications at least two weeks prior to surgery since they can cause increased bleeding: Anti-inflammatory medications (examples include ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve), aspirin/baby aspirin, fish oil pills, and vitamin E (found in most daily multi-vitamins), and diet pills.

Notify Dr. Marco if you are on steroids such as prednisone or cortisone, St. John’s Wort, or if you are on blood thinners such as Coumadin or Plavix. You must stop taking these medications prior to surgery, but should consult your prescribing physician before doing so. If you have questions about your medications, call our office.

4. Notify us immediately if you have ever been under the care of a cardiologist or pulmonologist, or if you have any heart or lung conditions.

For your safety and well-being, we may request medical clearance from your primary care physician, cardiac clearance from a cardiologist, and/or pulmonary clearance from a pulmonologist based on your medical history. If we have requested any of these from you, please make sure that written clearance (and a copy of all cardiac test results when applicable) has been faxed to Gerald Buchert at +1(713) 218 7477. If you have any questions, please call our office.

5. Report any infections to our office. Surgery cannot be performed until all infections have cleared up.

6. Eat a well-balanced diet supplemented with a daily multivitamin in the weeks leading up to your surgery.

7. You must have nothing to eat or drink after midnight on the night before surgery. This includes water, chewing gum, sucking on candy or mints, or tobacco products.

8. If you are having a spine fusion surgery, you must stop using all nicotine products at least one month prior to surgery. Nicotine inhibits the healing and fusion of bone and will adversely affect the outcomes of your surgery. You must pass two urine nicotine tests before scheduling your surgery.

9. To reduce the risk of infection, we ask that you take a bath the night before surgery with Hibiclens soap. This can be found at your local drug stores.

10. Prior to surgery, you must remove: toenail and fingernail polish, all metal piercings, and contact lenses.

11. Avoid bringing jewelry and other valuables with you to the hospital.

12. If you will stay the night in the hospital, bring your necessary toiletry items and loose clothing to wear home that preferably zips or buttons up the front.

13. You MUST have someone with you to drive you home upon your discharge from the hospital.

14. Arrange for someone to help out with everyday tasks like cooking, shopping and laundry.

15. Put items that you use often within easy reach before surgery so you won’t have to reach and bend as often.

16. Remove all loose carpets and tape down electrical cords to avoid falls.

17. Make sure you have a stable chair with a firm seat cushion, a firm back and two arms.

18. Your first post-operative visit with Jerry or Dr. Marco should be scheduled 10-14 days after discharge from the hospital. Please call our scheduling desk to set up that appointment +1(713) 838 8300.

19. If you have any further questions regarding your surgery, please call +1(713) 838 8300.