Complex Spine Surgery

Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Marco is an outstanding surgeon. We live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and have a son who was diagnosed with a humeral fracture resulting from a bone cyst in December of 2013. At that time we sought a second opinion to confirm that the cyst was not aneurysmal. We were referred to Dr. Marco, who immediately reviewed our son’s test results and phoned me personally to go through his diagnosis. He was very thorough in explaining our son’s condition in a detailed manner that was easy to understand. He also laid out possible future outcomes, both positive and negative, and indicated that we could contact him again at any time if there were future concerns or if intervention was needed.

    In December of 2014, after 2 more bone cyst fractures and discovering the cyst had grown from 5cm in December of 2013 to 7cm, we contacted Dr. Marco again to explore some of the options he had outlined when we first spoke the year before. I called Dr. Marco and was able to discuss with him personally what he felt the best course of action would be. He then put me in contact with his team to coordinate our son’s surgery. Despite the hospital being extremely busy, they ensured our son was scheduled quickly and went out of their way to reduce our costs where ever possible. When we arrived we were treated with genuine respect and care from everyone in the facility. The front end staff, coordinators, nurses, anesthetist, residents, you name it, we felt our son’s needs were always a priority.

    Dr. Marco approached our son with such compassion and ease, our son didn’t believe us when we told him that was who was doing his surgery. “He’s my surgeon?…but he’s so nice!!” During the surgery Dr. Marco stepped out to speak to us personally and show us up to the minute x-rays detailing what had just been done and reassure us that the procedure was going well. He also mentioned that the contents of our son’s cyst was not completely typical and he would have everything sent off for testing. Several hours after our son was moved to recovery Dr. Marco appeared again. He had gone out of his way to personally take tissue samples to a specialist at the hospital and have them looked at preliminarily to ease all of our minds and ensure we were not dealing with something more serious. It is unbelievable that a busy doctor took a significant amount of his own time to get a jump on an early diagnosis if one was needed. Dr. Marco truly cares about his patients, not just in how he treats them, but in his actions to ensure successful outcomes. He has surrounded himself with a fantastic team who also share his passion to help.

    Our son, who had not been able to ride a bike, ski, or even do monkey bars for over a year, is now running around like a typical 8 year old thanks to Dr. Marco. We would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Marco to anyone, and we were so incredibly fortunate to have him care for our son.

    By - Jennifer C Edmonton, Alberta Canada
  • Dr. Rex Marco is a gifted, caring, and careful orthopedic specialty surgeon who I frequently recommend to new and longtime friends and colleagues around the world, as well as to all members of my family. I usually use the word “magician” when describing him because he truly makes magic with his patience, skill and exacting attention to detail. Thanks to his experience and expertise, the several extensive surgeries he has performed have restored my back and a sense of well-being. I frequently receive compliments like “How well you look!” and “I would never have guessed your age.” What’s truly remarkable is that the first time Dr. Marco and I met, I couldn’t straighten up from a completely bent over position. Today my posture is almost exactly the same as in my earlier life. The best news is that I can do just about everything I love to do (although playing tennis is not recommended). I have no more aches and pains than any other healthy retired person. A man of few words, Dr. Marco always has time to answer questions and provide an opportunity for further discussion. His whole team reflects this same personal interest and concern. Although I hope to never have more surgery, if it is required, there’s only one surgeon I would trust – Dr. Rex Marco!

    Dr. Marco, thank you for all the time and effort you’ve invested in ‘making me whole!’

    By - Kathleen S
  • Facing an extremely debilitating surgery and treatment, I needed a surgeon who understood my concerns and would see me through the operation and after care. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Rex Marco. He was interested in why I had come to see him, and he listened intently to my story of dealing with the chemo treatments and my “Positive Red Energy” red being my energy color that helped me cope with the stresses of treatment. He even went so far as to wear red scrubs to my surgery. He is a doctor who listens to what you are telling him, whether it is about the operation, your fears or your anxiety. He is a doctor who cares. He earned my unqualified trust before, during and after the procedure. When you have to put your faith and trust in a doctor, Dr. Marco is who you need.

    By - Rhonda J